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Music Enhancement for Palliative Care

Welcome to the Music Enhancement Program, where the power of music and sound brings comfort and peace to individuals in palliative care settings. Through personalized bedside sessions and engaging soundscape meditations, we aim to create serene environments that promote regulation and connection.

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Individual or Group Soundscape and Nature Film Session

  • Immerse in nature-inspired soundscapes created by several sound healing instruments with projected nature scenes, promoting tranquility and peace. Interactive soundscapes created within the group, where participants engage with healing instruments to create their own soundscape, fosters creativity and connection. This event boosts wellbeing for residents and staff alike.

Individual or group Guitar Sessions

  • Music tailored to different eras and genres

    • Participate in informal conversations and storytelling between songs, creating a warm, family-like atmosphere. A popular request in assisted living communities.

  • Modern Percussive Fingerstyle Instrumental

    • Experience a captivating guitar performance blending percussive rhythms and melodic tunes. Effective in memory units and with individuals facing dementia.

  • Bedside Music for Hospice Patients

    • Find solace with live music tailored to hospice patients and their families. A serene atmosphere, offering comfort and companionship during tender moments.

  • Melodic Memories: A Private Tribute

    • This family vigil offers a serene atmosphere where loved ones share testimonies, enriched by melodic guitar. It provides support and solace during moments of transition, fostering comfort and companionship.

Enrichment Activities

  • Legacy Project with Art and Sound

    • A playful guided meditative experience with the healing instruments. We then reflect and create art from this state of wonderment, leaving behind a tangible art legacy project of wisdom and connection.


  • Harmonic Yoga: Movement and Sound

    • Harmonize body and mind with gentle yoga complemented by live music and soothing soundscapes. Enhance your experience with herbal tea for grounding.

Singing Bowl
“Carla, offering Music Enhancement, comes here 2 times a month to provide our residents with calming nature videos and sounds through her many instruments.  It not only provides calming senses to our residents but as well as our staff as it radiates through our community.”

Life Enhancement Director - Assisted Living Facility

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