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Carla Carey Courageous Living LLC

Empower your journey:
Sound Healing with Intuitive Guidance 


Life is a continuous journey marked by transitions, awakenings, and rites of passage. As an intuitive guide, I create a safe and nurturing space for you to explore these sacred moments with the integrative arts and the gentle support of sound healing.  

Incorporating sound healing into our sessions ensures that the processing is gentle and harmonious, allowing you to delve into your inner landscape with ease and grace. This gentle approach fosters well being and transformation, empowering you to navigate your journey with compassion and understanding. If you're curious about exploring this transformative path and seeking compassionate support, please fill out the contact form below. Let's schedule a complimentary discovery call to explore how we can best support your unique journey.

Curiosity ~ Compassion ~ Connection



Sound Healing and Yoga

Monthly events

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Euphoric Yoga dates to be released soon!

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Destress and come closer to inner peace. Crystal vibrational bowls cultivate a calm, tranquil environment. Relax with water dancing in a singing bowl and gongs bathing you with waves of vibration. 


Private Sound Bath in your space or at 

The Center for Wholism

2401 N Walnut St.,

Bloomington, IN

$100 ea. (2-5 people)

$20 ea (6-9 people) 

Discounts available for larger groups

$100 for a 1 on 1

(sliding scale available upon request)


wholism sound bath.jpg



Guided Drum Soul Journey includes a powerful guided visualization which is driven by the drum to entertain your creative spirit to gently and lovingly align yourself to your true self and illuminate your true source.  These sessions last 45 minutes.  $40-65 sliding scale

Add on 20 minutes of lucid dream exploration for $20.

Special group rates upon request

Deep Dive Soul Journey

 includes the following integrative arts methods: meditation, somatic body talk, artful questioning, shadow exploration,  lucid dreaming techniques, sound healing, and mini oracle guidance.  Sessions last 1 hour.

$50-85 sliding scale

Self Development Coaching

A variety of tools will be shared to help you build emotional resilience by regulating your nervous system.  If self mastery of a craft is your goal, a supportive role of regulating, building discipline, holding accountability and reminding you of your truth are available in this program.

$40-60 sliding scale


A fantastic way to receive signs and messages to help you along your journey. Private and group rates available.

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