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Early on, I accepted that I was going to embrace courageous living and embark on an epic journey. I was born into the hands of a child abuser and raised by a religious cult.  I endured a childhood marked by abuse.  At 16 years old, I started breaking free from controlling familial and religious structures.  This brave decision was my acceptance of the sacred invitation to walk the hero/heroine’s journey.  As I was growing into my self individuation, a commitment to inner work was necessary around wounds of betrayal, criticism, rejection, abandonment and punishment.  Because of my dedication to my healing practices and working with intuitive guides, I was able to find a state of resilience, strength, growth and healing. 


During my 30’s, I was starting to thrive.  I was living my purpose of raising children from deep presence, curiosity, compassion and connection.  I was also raising my own inner children with these same intentions.  This inner work allowed me to be ready for another illusion to be revealed. After 14 comfortable years in a  traditional marriage, I was thrust into another awakening. The marriage suddenly ended when a series of betrayals were revealed in a discovery process. Through this intense dark knight of the soul; I was able to break down, break through and finally break free to my true essence.  I now return from this journey with a specific elixir of knowledge and wisdom to help those that are aligned with similar experiences and want to accept the invitation of the hero/heroine’s journey.  It is my intention to validate and inspire you to walk your adventure with courage and curiosity.  The inner work often results in reaching a profound new level of wholeness that will naturally reflect your true worth, value and power in the world.  This process enables you to walk forward in the matrix of life aligned with your true self and illuminating from your true source.  


If any part of this story resonates with you, please reach out to see if what I offer would be a match for your unique journey.  It would be an honor to walk beside you during your awakening.


Carla Carey leads a Seasonal Intuitive Arts Series at local venues. In her work as an intuitive guide and coach, she facilitates soul journeys using integrative art methods such as meditation, somatic body talk, lucid dream meditations, sound baths, and oracle guidance.

Carla Carey has certification as an NLP life coach, EFT, Hypnosis, Reiki, and Sound Healing. She earned a BA in communication studies focusing on the behaviors of people and groups in various societal systems. Carla has spent countless hours studying in depth and attending workshops with Dr. Shefali, Peter Levine, Deb Dana, Jeff Brown, Robert Moss and many others. She has also worked one on one with two intuitive guides with long term/direct in person mentoring. Most importantly, Carla applied all the methods she uses today in her own healing journey and is dedicated to her path of serving others with similar journeys.

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